Tentatively Entering The World Of E-Books!

Ok so I admit to being extremely wary of the whole e-book thing.  Up till now I have resisted entering the world of e-reading and e-publishing because my own personal preference has always been to read books the conventional way – on paper bound together.  That way I can carry them around with me, in my car, on the beach, in the bath, without worrying.  I don’t have to charge a battery to read them.  There’s no screen to shatter, no micro-chip to malfunction.  If a book gets stolen I can easily and inexpensively replace it.   I don’t mind if my book gets bashed to bits, in fact I prefer them that way – I bend the corners over, I fold the covers back, I write in them  – you can’t do that with an e-book!

Then last week I decided to have a re-think.  I decided that even though, I liked the old system, I would only get left behind by being a stick in the mud.  Change happens whether you like it or not and the best thing you can do is embrace it – or at least work with it.  

 So I ordered a Kindle – which arrived today.  I have taken it out of the box and plugged it in to charge.  It is sleek, it is new and smooth.  I already like it a lot.    But I have yet to buy an e-book – the next vital step –  I’m working my way up to that.  

And I’m wondering how you feel about the e-book phenomenon?  Have you embraced it yet?  Or are you still resisting its pull?  I’d love to know what you think! 🙂

For now,  I’m heading off to Borders to mooch around the book-shelves  – the old-fashioned way!



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2 responses to “Tentatively Entering The World Of E-Books!

  1. I was very wary before my wife and kids surprised me with a Kindle a year ago on Father’s Day. Much to my surprise, I found that I like it very much. Also surprising to me is that I buy lots of ebooks, but buy more print books than I did before. It isn’t about substitution, it’s about addition. You have a new option now, and one that works well in the car or at the beach (why I love my Kindle and don’t want an iPad or other tablet eReader).

    • Hi Ben! Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 Yes I agree with you that I am generally buying more books – ebooks and the regular kind. I have become a bit of a Kindle bore and wax lyrical about its charms to anyone who’ll listen!

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