Ok I admit it: I’m Hooked!

I just finished reading my first official e-book –  Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  The book itself was completely brilliant. I didn’t want it end.  So much so that I immediately downloaded the sequel which I’m currently reading. 

So the book was great and so was the experience of reading it on my Kindle.  It’s light, easy to handle (although I did miss holding the spine of a book and didn’t feel comfortable reading in the bath like I usually would) and the screen was just like reading a paper page – completely different to a computer screen and much easier on the eyes.  It’s light and easy to carry around.

But the best thing about it has to be the fact that it can hold so many books and the online purchasing with Amazon makes it so easy! I have also been able to download some free samples of books, which has been useful for children’s material.  My daughter is sharing it with me and reading The Tale Of Despereaux at the moment. 

At first I missed not having a visible page number and seeing how far I had read but then I realised it gives you a percentage at the bottom instead which serves the same purpose. 

So far I haven’t even had to recharge the battery which is pretty good seeing as there are two of us using it!

I’m no longer a sceptic of the e-book phenomenon but rather a convert!  So if you too are a ebook reader – I totally get it now! And if you’re not I really think you should give it a try – it is probably better than you think – honestly!

Meanwhile, I’m excited to plan my summer reading and download some more cracking books! 🙂


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