The Callum Interview!

Your chance to interview High-Heels And Slippers! heart-throb CALLUM DOHERTY  – post a question for him on Josie’s blog right now!  (I wonder if this is a good idea? Eek!)

Also check out my guest post on “The Thing About Writing” @ and thank you Kathleen for the FAB 4 STAR review: 

High-Heels & Slippers! was one hell of an entertaining book to read!”

YAY! 🙂

I hope you’re having a productive day everyone! Ella



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3 responses to “The Callum Interview!

  1. Peter Laurence

    Hi Ella – a voice from the past…..I met your Mum & Dad at a mutual neighbours’ party last night and made the connection….I taught you history and was your house head at Lawnswood all those years ago! I checked out your blog, read about your novel (will even buy it, although chick-lit not my usual reading matter of choice, I must admit), and thought I’d say hello. I remember you really well, and your friends too: lots of great characters and very happy times at school – and on history trips too!. Hope you’re enjoying life in Texas – best wishes to you – Peter Laurence

    • Mr Laurence, how FAB to hear from you! 🙂 I had a great time at Lawnswood full of happy memories – doesn’t seem that long ago really – I feel so lucky to have had a great group of friends. We still keep in touch – in fact Marek Jagucki designed the cover for the book! It’s been a bit of rollercoaster writing the book and so exciting now to hear what people think of it! Even my Dad read it and survived! 😉 Hope you and your family have a great Christmas! Ella 🙂
      PS: do you know what ever happened to Mr Crowe? Always such an inspiration to me in English! Although I still haven’t forgiven you both for setting me up on April Fool’s Day one year! 😉

      • Peter Laurence

        Hi Ella – Mr Crowe went to Australia (actually he was sent there as a punishment for encouraging his students to use exclamation marks too liberally), and I’m not sure what happened to him after that. I’ll let you know if I find out anything. Lovely to hear from you! (You can call me Peter now.)

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