About Me

I find writing about fictional characters much more interesting than writing about myself  but here goes…

I was born in Leeds,  in the North of England.  As a child, I liked to walk outside in the rain telling stories, pretending Iwas French.  As a teen, I dyed my hair red with henna, drank pints in the pub and wore big shoes. In my twenties, I gained a Drama Degree from Manchester University and an Acting Diploma from the Webber Douglas Academy in London.  Shortly after this I married Martin, we had our first child and moved to Brussels.  A couple of years later we had another child and moved to live in Dallas, Texas.  We’re still in the States and now have three children, three guinea-pigs and far too many fish!   

I couldn't do it without my Starbucks!

Some other things about me…

I am happiest listening to the giggles of my children, nuzzling into my husband’s beard or curling my fingers around a hot mug of coffee.

I strive for balance in my life yet it remains illusive.

I aim for tolerance and an open-mind but am aware this may be idealistic.

It is the paradox of human perception and reality, which motivates my writing.

I am still telling stories … and occasionally, after a couple of drinks, I still like to pretend I’m French.


6 responses to “About Me

  1. I live in Jersey (CI) and a lot of the road names, etc are in french as there are strong connections with France over here. We can see the coast from our bedroom and even the lights at night time.

  2. I’ve never been to Jersey – if I’d have the chance to wax lyrical in my poor French, I’m sure I’d love it!

  3. Whereas I’m certain England is less without you, I am more because you are here.

  4. Hi Ella. Found you via Toby’s FB. Fabulous that you are writing and living such an abundant life and that you found such bliss. I grew up and had five kids (still all under 7:-). Always have fond memories of your beautiful spirit. Much love to you and all your family

  5. Hello Mark – how lovely to hear from you! Five kids – eek! We’ve got three and I think that’s pretty overwhelming at times (hmm…not always bliss that’s for sure ;-). Are you still in Manchester? We came back to the UK recently so I was up in Leeds for a bit – so FAB to be back up north for a bit! I do miss it 🙂

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