Holding Me Up


Trisha Miller runs an up-market gift shop in a small market town in England, with her best friend Norma.  But they have very different lives.  While Norma lives with her husband and her two children, Trisha lives alone, in a flat above the shop, still grieving the sudden death of her daughter, Jasmine, six years before.

One night, thieves break into the shop and threaten Trisha at knife point.  They get away, stealing much of the valuable art and wrecking the shop thus putting the entire business in jeopardy.  Trisha senses that her friendship with Norma is crumbling and as they both try to cope with the stress, they become distant. 

But then there’s Bryn.  A young Welsh guy, temping as a cashier in a bank down the road while he raises money to go to art college.  He is calm, stable and supportive – and much younger than Trisha.   

When, Ted Mortimer, one of the thieves, begins calling Trisha, wanting to talk and eventually committing suicide during one of their telephone conversations, Trisha is, understandably, at an all time low.   Bryn whisks her away to Wales to stay with his unusual family.  And this is where Trisha finally begins to heal piecing together the fragments of a life which has been in bits for years.


2 responses to “Holding Me Up

  1. Rachel

    Can’t wait to read the finished book!

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