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Quote for the day!

I came across this quote today and it made me smile ūüôā

“If at first you succeed, try not to look too astonished.”
                    РHerm Albright
Hmm…it would be nice to get it right first time… ūüėČ


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‘Fessing up and learning from my mistakes!

Oh gosh this whole epublishing thing is a real rollercoaster!  I was on such a high when I published High-Heels And Slippers in July, thrilled to actually sell some copies and convinced that I had edited every typo away.

I downloaded¬†my own¬†copy immediately, so that I could read it through on my Kindle and check it.¬† But I felt physically sick every time I opened it up.¬† Really.¬† I just couldn’t face it. So I chickened out and put it to one side.¬† It was utter cowardice on my part, I admit.

Then slowly it transpired through chatting with various friends who had bought copies (THANKYOU SO MUCH), that there were indeed still some errors lurking in there РAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Although luckily, this did not seem to mar their enjoyment of the book  Рphew!)
Now I felt sick, for a different reason РI was embarrassed that I had succumbed to my impatience (I was a tad over-excited) and published my book without making another final edit. I had spent a substantial amount having it professionally edited and formatted, so I had assumed it would be ready to publish.  But actually that was part of the problem Рevery time a manuscript is handled by someone else an opportunity for correcion AND ERROR is opened up.  The responsibility for the final edit has to lie with the author. 

I’ve chided myself for being a wimp, learned my lesson and vowed not to make the same mistake again!¬† And now I hope that I have managed to get rid of all the typos, although I’m sure there must be one hiding in there somewhere!!!

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What now?

I did it!¬† I actually finished Holding Me Up.¬† When I say finished, I’m not saying that¬†there won’t be time for tweaks here and there – there’s always room for¬†edits and revisions¬†–¬†¬†but for now¬†it’s in a good place¬† – there’s a beginning, middle,end and I’m happy with all the sections.¬† In fact I am allowing myself a tentative pat on the back ūüôā¬†

However I am also suffering from¬†a severe bout of anti-climax.¬† After being pretty much entirely consumed by the book and its characters for the past year – well two years really if you count the day of inception – I’m missing it,¬†¬†missing them and at¬† the risk of sounding a tad loopy, I’m a little lost, wandering aimlessly around the house or watching day-time telly.¬†

It’s not that I have nothing to do.¬† The house would benefit from some attention, there are¬†closets just crying out to be organised, a garage currently housing way too much trash¬†and I’m thinking that it might be¬†nice to have a regular supply of clean clothes!¬†¬†Also,¬†I have a feeling my¬†family might¬†be pleased I’ve resurfaced for a bit, after all there’s milk in the fridge and¬†a plentiful supply of loo-roll!¬†¬†¬†I’ve begun socializing again, ¬†meeting chums for the odd coffee or lunch without feeling guilty,¬†indulging in a spur of the moment shopping spree, I’m even contemplating¬†arranging ¬†a dental check-up – finally!¬† Yep there’s plenty of things I can do to fill the gap.¬†¬†

Truth is though, that I have another writing project in mind.¬† I’ve been juggling it around in my head for a while and now plot ideas and characters are starting to push their way to the front of my mind.¬† It’s only a matter of time before I’m unable to resist their lure, in fact I’m looking forward to it.¬†¬†¬†But for now, ¬†I’m still hesitant.¬†Why?¬† Because once I get started I know¬† I won’t be able to stop.¬† I’ll be up late typing away, reading books and magazines as research, staring off into space, mug in hand, as I¬†toss¬†words and sentences¬†around.¬†¬†¬†Car journeys and waiting rooms will become opportunities to write, even falling asleep will be a chance to develop characters.¬† I’ll forget to go to the supermarket and my kids will have to scour the kitchen for signs of food.¬†We will have toast for dinner. ¬†The¬†washing pile will grow higher and higher.¬†My family will begin dressing themselves straight out of tumble drier.¬†¬†I will forget to attend parent/teacher night, the latest neighborhood event, or friends’ birthdays.¬† My hair and nails will grow long and I will not bathe.¬† I will have recurring dreams of escaping to a remote cottage with only firewood and coffee for company, ¬†so that I can write without interruption.

So¬†even though I can’t wait to get started, I am forcing myself to remain aloof.¬†¬†¬†Restricting my laptop use to emails only, removing all¬†paper and pens from my bedside table¬†so that I am not tempted to make any midnight scribbles.¬† Because that’s all it takes, one note hastily written and you’ve opened a can of worms.¬† ¬†

Ah but what fantastic worms!


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